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Wrigley Field Construction Update: October 21

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Here are photos from work at the ballpark on Tuesday.

Eventually, the demolition crews will finish taking down the right-field bleachers so that the reconstruction phase of this project can commence. Nothing of the sort was happening Tuesday, as BCB's David Sameshima reports:

There was a lot of activity going on around the ballpark, but nothing dramatic, like a brick wall or steel girders being brought down. It does appear that the benches are being scrapped, and new sod was being delivered.

As you can see in the photos, there was a lot of debris removal going on and preparatory work for demolition. It's interesting that they are doing resodding work inside while all this other work is going on outside. They probably want to get the sod to "take" while the weather is still nice. And, a tour trolley came by the park, as they often do during the season, but could get no closer than the corner of Waveland and Sheffield. You can see the concrete panels still in place on the Addison Street side of the park; those will eventually be removed when work is done on that side in future offseasons.

I hope to have more photos later today.