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Cubs Begin Season-Ticket Holder Online Seat Relocation Program

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It's actually pretty cool.

As you probably already knew, or could have guessed, I'm not relocating my 2015 Cubs season tickets. But everyone who's a season-ticket holder got an opportunity to have a look through the new online relocation system, which was created because Wrigley Field is under construction and season-ticket holders who do want to move wouldn't be able to see their seats in person.

I had a look around the site they set up, just so I could be informed about how it works, and as requested by some of you earlier, here are some screenshots.

When you call up the site -- and anyone can do that, here's the link -- you get this splash screen (on the actual site, there's a place for your login credentials at the left of this image):

online seat relocation cover

After logging in, there's a short instructional video narrated by Cubs PA announcer Andrew Belleson. Then you click on a link that says "select," and up comes this seating chart:

online seat relocation lower deck overview

From there you can click on any section. I picked one at random just for a sample:

online seat relocation lower deck seat chart

If you then hover your mouse over each of the "available" seats (the ones in green), the site tells you the exact seat location and the cost for a season ticket, and there's also a link that pops up that says "Click here for view." When you do that, you get this:

online seat relocation lower deck view

It's not a static view -- it has controls where you can maneuver the image with your mouse (or, I assume, a finger if you're on a tablet) to see views from various angles.

You can also get this overview that includes the upper deck:

online seat relocation chart including upper deck

Here are some seating charts and views from an upper-deck section and a terrace-reserve section:

online seat relocation upper deck chart

online seat relocation upper deck view

online seat relocation terrace reserve chart

online seat relocation terrace reserve view

If you're a season-ticket holder and have a time later on today or after, you can poke around in there without changing anything. Only after you click "Review" and "Confirm" would your seats actually be changed, and they have a "cart" showing any tickets you add or change, which you can empty out if you don't want something you pick or if you make a mistake.

Anyway, there it is. The site seems well-organized and the seating charts are easy to read, and the views are useful -- as you can see from the terrace reserve chart and view, you can see exactly where the posts are to determine whether an available seat has an obstructed view. Kudos to the Cubs for doing this well -- and this way, you don't have to stand outside in the cold looking at your possible seat upgrade.

All of the images above are clickable to open a larger version in a new browser window or tab.