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Wrigley Field Construction Update: October 22

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The waiting is the hardest part.

I wish I had more to report to you regarding the Wrigley Field demolition/reconstruction project, but there really wasn't much new going on at the ballpark when I stopped by Wednesday afternoon, a brilliantly sunny, gorgeous day in Chicago with nice fall temperatures in the mid-50s.

One reason there likely hasn't been much more demolition work on the right-field bleachers is that the water company is still finishing up work on Sheffield and they'd need to get all the heavy equipment down that street, and they can't until the water work is completed.

Something else I noticed in walking around the neighborhood: Once you get more than a block or so away from Wrigley Field, you'd never know there was a huge construction site nearby, nor, in fact, that there's even a major-league ballpark within walking distance. Even with the construction crews making quite a bit of noise, you really don't hear it more than a block or so away. There have been inconveniences for the neighborhood with the street closures and elimination of street parking, some permanently, some just temporarily.

But by and large, it seems to me that Tom Ricketts' stated desire to be "good neighbors" is something the Cubs are, in fact, doing. I've said this before, but there are baseball games at Wrigley Field 81 days a year. That leaves over 280 days when there are no baseball games going on, and on those days, it's just another quiet city neighborhood.

Sure, there are a few concert and other dates and we hope in the future those "baseball dates" will be extended into October. The Cubs are being good neighbors, and this project is definitely going to make Wrigleyville a better place to live, as well as be entertained.