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Cubs Shut Down Addison Russell In Arizona Fall League

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Don't worry, though. He's not injured.

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CSN Chicago's Patrick Mooney has the story:

Relax, Cubs fans. When you stop seeing Addison Russell’s name in the Arizona Fall League box scores, it doesn’t mean he’s injured or about to get traded.

The Cubs sent a preemptive e-mail to reporters, saying Thursday would be Russell’s final game with the Mesa Solar Sox. The 20-year-old shortstop is said to be “perfectly healthy,” with both sides agreeing it’s time to rest and then start his offseason conditioning program. 

The Cubs feel like Russell played close to a full season after 10 extra games in Arizona, where he hit .190 in 42 at-bats and got some time at second base.

Unlike past years, no Cubs prospect has really done all that much in the AFL this year, at least not so far, with the exception of Bijan Rademacher, who is 7-for-15.

Keep an eye on the Mesa Solar Sox roster, though; with a little more than half the AFL season remaining, Mooney writes:

It’s unclear who it will be, but the Cubs will likely replace Russell by adding another prospect to the Mesa taxi squad, meaning he can play once or twice a week.

Feel free to speculate on who that might be. We should next see Russell next March playing some spring-training games in Mesa.