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Wrigley Field Construction Update: October 24

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Lots of dust around Wrigley on Friday, and a curious find in the grass near the park.

Friday was a day mostly of debris removal for the Wrigley Field demolition project; you can still see the one lonely bench in right field, and a season ticket from 2010 that David Sameshima found on the ground. Here's the rest of his report:

There was still work being done along the fence line on Sheffield. They were replacing the pavement bricks along the curb, which had been dug out for utility work. Again, this prevented me from taking photos along the fence. Nothing really going on along Sheffield for me to photograph anyway. You can see the large amount of dust being created by the brick grinding work. Today was AT&T's turn to slow down traffic flow on Addison. Their work crew was working in the middle of the Addison and Sheffield intersection. It was mostly debris cleanup work occurring on Waveland today. There was a worker who mighht have been sandblasting the top of the left-field bleacher wall who was creating a large cloud of dust. I did take photos for the ballhawks. I am sure this would be heaven for them if the bleacher wall clearance stayed like this. The marquee display is now promoting the upcoming fan convention, and still featuring Wrigley Field tours too. 

Not sure if the crews are going to be working this weekend, though they did work last Saturday. We'll have more photos soon.