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Wrigley Field Construction Update: October 25

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We're getting closer to the demolition part of this project being complete.

Saturday marked the beginning of the second month since the end of the 2014 Wrigley Field home baseball season; the Wrigley renovation/restoration project started almost immediately after the last home game September 24.

Now, with a baseball-connected number of days -- 162 -- until the Cubs are next scheduled to play baseball at the corner of Clark & Addison in Chicago, the part of the project that involves demolition of the nine-year-old bleachers is nearly complete.

Saturday's work, as you can see, consisted of demolition of quite a bit of the existing right-field bleacher structure. BCB's David Sameshima took photos from two angles -- behind the bleachers, as he did on the left-field side, and also some actually facing what was being demolished, as there's now a good view of that area since there are no longer any bleachers in left field blocking the way.

It appears that, as they did on the left-field side, they have left some bleachers standing next to the foul pole. They've likely got to do some debris removal before they take those down. Given how quickly they've moved through this project, with generally excellent weather that's expected to continue through the week, they could easily be finished by the end of the month.