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Wrigley Field Construction Update: October 26

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These photos were taken on a beautifully brilliant Sunday afternoon -- where not much was going on. In fact, this gives a bit better look at the insides of the bleachers.

Sunday was a day of rest for the demolition crew at Wrigley Field, although some other work was going on. BCB's David Sameshima headed over to take photos anyway and filed this report:

I saw a sign (photo 11) posted on buildings along Waveland. This makes it unlikely that there will be any work done Monday. AT&T was working on Sheffield on Sunday. They were working in the middle of Addison and Sheffield, and along part of the Sheffield sidewalk. They had one of the my favorite photo shooting spots blocked off. As you can see, there was no activity going on in the bleachers. I could hear that there was a lot of activity going on inside, along the third base concourse. I could also see some work going on along the west side of the ballpark next to the Red Lot.

David told me he's probably going to head over again this afternoon so either later today or tomorrow, we should have more photos.