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Wrigley Field Construction Update: October 28

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It was a very windy, dust-blown day around Wrigley Field Tuesday. It would have been a fine day to be a ballhawk, if there had been any baseball.

There's still not all that much going on at Wrigley Field other than debris cleanup by the demolition crews. BCB's David Sameshima visited Tuesday afternoon and filed this report:

It was very windy and no water hose crews were working. This situation created a lot of dust blowing around and limited my photography along Sheffield. The Budweiser Patio remains standing. There was only debris removal work going on along Sheffield. New fire hydrants have been installed on the east side of Sheffield to replace the ones that had been just outside Wrigley. The new ones are not yet operational. New steel beams are being delivered to the Red Lot. On my way home, I spotted a truck hauling the same beams parked in the median strip of Western Avenue. It was parked just south of Addison across from Lane Tech High School. When the driver saw me taking photos, he called out to me that these were going to Wrigley Field. Little did he realize that I already knew that.

Despite cooler weather expected for the rest of the week, work will continue, and we'll have more photos coming soon.