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Joe Maddon Reportedly Being Hired As Cubs Manager

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It's happening... so it would seem.

Brian Blanco

There have been Twitter reports all day about Joe Maddon and whether he might be hired today, tomorrow, next week, as Cubs manager. One of those reports, by a Fox-13 reporter in Tampa, was retracted. But now there's this:

Heyman is a pretty good national reporter, and if he's going out there with this report, I'd say it's likely true.

In any case, with all the rumors swirling over the last several days after Maddon opted out of his Rays contract, it would have been an upset if the Cubs didn't hire him. It's way too early for any analysis -- we don't have details on his contract, we don't have Heyman's story link yet, and there has, of course, been no official word from the Cubs.

But I thought that since Heyman's tweet was out there, I ought to write something about this, even quickly, so here it is. When Heyman's article appears, I'll come back and post a link here.

Have at it.