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Wrigley Field Construction Update: October 3

There haven't been many updates in this photo series yet... because there hasn't been much activity.

It's 185 days until Opening Day 2015, April 6, when the Cubs will take on the Cardinals at Wrigley Field, which is supposed to have new bleachers, a video board and other signs in the outfield. Cubs spokesman Julian Green has been quoted as saying the team is on a "tight" time schedule.

So far, little has happened except preparatory work on Waveland and Sheffield, and the removal of the statues of Ernie Banks and Harry Caray for refurbishment. The team has had good weather for work -- so far. I can tell you, from having been by Wrigley multiple times during the last bleacher reconstruction in the winter of 2005-06, that the team managed to get the job done despite many cold and snowy days, although that winter wasn't anywhere near as cold and snowy as the winter of 2013-14.

With even slightly better weather than last year they'll get it done. Actual demolition of the existing left- and right-field bleachers won't likely begin for another week or two, and either David Sameshima or I will be there to document with photos.

In the meantime, the photos in the gallery above show you what the area around Wrigley Field looked like as of Thursday afternoon, October 2.