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Wrigley Field Construction Update: October 30

Just about a month into the project, demolition continues.

Thursday was a chilly, windy day in Chicago. It will, of course, get colder and less conducive to outdoor construction work as winter gets closer, but the demolition crews at Wrigley Field were hard at work continuing debris removal and other parts of this offseason's project. BCB's David Sameshima filed this report:

There was some work going on in the right-field patio that was not visible. As you can see in some of the photos, there was a jackhammer-equipped bobcat working up there. They were digging along the LF bleachers and in the Red Lot.

You can also see that they are beginning to take down the groundskeeper's cottage -- the small, white building that's adjacent to gate K, across the street from the firehouse and next to the players' parking lot. This building is going to be moved out of the way during demolition and construction on the triangle lot and then restored pretty much in the same location -- after they remove the multiple layers of paint that have been put on that building over the last several decades.