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Happy Halloween! Scary Cubs Stories In 5 Words

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Sometimes Twitter provides some inspiration for things to pass the time.

The ball goes THAT way!
The ball goes THAT way!
Brian Kersey

While sitting at my desk on this cloudy and cold Halloween morning, eagerly watching the Twitterverse for signs of life on the Joe Maddon Watch, I came across this tweet from the Sporting News' national baseball writer Jesse Spector:

No, it didn't do anything to help satisfy my desires to find out if the Cubs officially had a new manager. But it did give me an idea for something to help us at Bleed Cubbie Blue pass the time waiting for news. Well, more accurately, it gave me an idea that I could steal from Twitter and apply here at Bleed Cubbie Blue for Halloween: What is your scary Cubs story in five words?

My personal scary story in five words: I have no original ideas.

So have at it, everyone. And have a happy and safe Halloween.