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2014 MLB Division Series Saturday Morning Recap

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Friday was everything baseball can be.

Denis Poroy

Do people tell you baseball is "boring?"

Those people obviously never saw a day like Friday, where all four division series were in action. We got an extra-inning game, three one-run games and two comebacks from three or more runs down. All in one day!

A few thoughts about Friday's action, then you can have at it while we wait for today's two games to begin.

  • The Tigers' bullpen is awful. Just awful. If they'd have had a decent bullpen they'd have run away with the A.L. Central (and be leading this series 2-0). Neil Ramirez, Pedro Strop and Hector Rondon were far better for the Cubs than anyone who threw in the late innings for Detroit. It's also inexplicable why Brad Ausmus simply refused to use Al Alburquerque, who was far more effective all season than any Detroit reliever who actually pitched in either Game 1 or Game 2.
  • Similarly, it's strange that Don Mattingly went to Pedro Baez, a rookie with 20 games' major-league experience, during that seventh-inning Cardinals rally instead of one of his more experienced relievers.
  • Raise your hand if, in April, you thought Nate Schierholtz would get a key pinch hit in the 2014 playoffs. Or that Jake Peavy would be pitching effectively in them.
  • The Royals sure look like that "team of destiny," don't they? Three straight extra-inning wins and now they come home for Sunday's Game 3 with their top pitcher going, ready to knock off the team with the best record in baseball this year.

We're only two games into the Division Series round and the 2014 postseason looks like it could be one of the best ever. Today's game thread will post at 3:30 CT (first game, Giants/Nats, is at 4:30 CT), but I thought you all might want a place to discuss yesterday's action before we get into today's.