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Wrigley Field Construction Update: October 6

There's not much new at Wrigley regarding construction, but here are some photos of what was happening Monday.

I hadn't been over to Wrigley Field since the last home game due to other commitments, and the previous photos in this series came from David Sameshima.

With nice weather and some free time, I thought I'd head over to the ballpark to see what was going on.

The answer is: not much, and not much has changed since the last update, last week. In fact, if you circumnavigate Wrigley and are walking on the south side of Addison just east of Clark, it hardly looks like anything is going on at all. From that vantage point all you can see of the work is the barricade blocking northbound traffic on Sheffield.

Nevertheless, some work, mostly preparatory for demolition and utility work on the streets, is going on. My understanding is that demolition of the bleachers to prepare for reconstruction will begin in a week or two, and take not much longer than that. They'll still have to hope for a mild winter -- and these maps hint we just might get one -- because Opening Day is 182 days away, exactly six months from today, April 6.

Incidentally, to help you keep track, I've published this handy 2015 Opening Day Countdown page today. When the spring-training schedule is available, I'll publish another one for the first game of the spring.