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Bill Mueller Resigns As Cubs Hitting Coach

This is a bit of a surprise after he was retained last week.

Bill Mueller in his playing days with the Cubs in 2001
Bill Mueller in his playing days with the Cubs in 2001
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Here's the news item:

Mueller, along with all the other Cubs coaches (except assistant hitting coach Mike Brumley), were retained by Theo & Co. for 2015 just last week.

I can't say, really, that Mueller did a good or bad job. He was just kind of ... there. The Cubs' offense was about the same as the 2013 version in 2014; the team scored 12 more runs this past season than they did the season before under a completely different coaching staff, and hit somewhat fewer home runs (155, to 172 in 2013).

What they did do in 2014 that wasn't acceptable was strike out. A lot. The Cubs set a franchise record in 2014 with 1,477 K's, over 200 more than 2013 (1,230). Much of that was due to young players such as Javier Baez and Arismendy Alcantara joining the team and the strikeout parade.

Based on this tweet, this was Mueller's choice, not the team's, but perhaps they can do better.

I'm sure this will start the "Manny Ramirez for batting coach" bandwagon, so have at it.