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The renovations are underway at Wrigley Field! But what about the fan purchased paver bricks that lay in front of the hallowed ballpark? BCB's Danny Rockett attempts to find out.

Workers remove the paver bricks in front of Wrigley Field
Workers remove the paver bricks in front of Wrigley Field
Danny Rockett

Faithful readers of Bleed Cubbie Blue may remember Scotty Freeman. He's my buddy who has a paver brick with his and his ex-wife's name on it in front of the main entrance to Wrigley Field. I wrote about his dilemma last year.

To summarize. Scotty and his ex-wife Melanie broke up a few years back because, in Scotty's words, "She was a bad traveler." Unfortunately, their failed marriage was forever enshrined on a paver brick in front of Scotty's favorite place on earth, Wrigley Field. We tried to get his brick switched out by calling Cubs Fan Services last year, but there was nothing they could do at that time.

Well, here's possible good news for Scotty! What used to look like this:

scotty brick search

Now looks like this!

Wrigley Apron Dig

Scotty's brick is gone!!!

I stood there for about 10 minutes the other day watching workers, through a gap in the fence that now surrounds Wrigley, putting all of the paver bricks on pallets.

Brick Palette Guy

I immediately texted Scotty the picture of the naked apron in front of Wrigley and encouraged him to contact the Cubs to inquire as to how to have his paver brick switched out for a new brick that doesn't have his ex-wife's name on it. He said he'd call them Wednesday on his day off, but I'm impatient and told him I'd contact the Cubs for him. You've got to strike while the iron is hot.

I called Cubs Fan Services and they told me that there were no specific plans yet for the bricks, and I should send an email so as to receive all pertinent information about the paver brick plans as they become available. So I did.

Hi. My name is Danny Rockett. I'm a staff writer for the SB Nation Cubs website Bleed Cubbie Blue. I'm writing on behalf of my friend Scott Freeman who was given a brick paver by his ex-wife to commemorate their engagement. Unfortunately, they split up a few years ago, and now that all of the bricks are dug up in front of Wrigley, Scott would like to know if it would be possible to exchange his paver brick for different brick, and what cost that would entail.

I wrote an article about a year ago about Scotty's brick dilemma in case you're interested in the whole story.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. I would imagine there are other failed relationships that would like to switch out their brick as well.

Have a great day and Go Cubs!

Danny Rockett

Twenty minutes later I was sent this:

Cubs Brick Form Reply

So, I guess it's "Wait and see" for Scotty and his brick. I'll let you, dear readers, know if there are any developments in "Brick-gate".

If I may editorialize for a moment: The thousands of people who purchased bricks probably deserve a better answer than "I don't know". Those bricks are monuments to deceased loved ones, commemorated family moments, and in Scotty's case, a failed marriage that needs to be annulled, at least in brick form. I'm sure someone knows what the master plan is for the bricks in regards to the renovation! The Cubs wouldn't start tearing down without a complete rebuild scheme in place, would they? No matter the plan, the Cubs need to provide a better answer.

I even thought of the idea that the Cubs could make money changing out the bricks! I'm sure there are dozens of people in Scotty's same predicament who would gladly pay another $200 for a new brick. And while they're at it, they could rebuild the bleachers with paver bricks as well and make even more money, maybe even enough for a decent bench player!

In the meantime, Scotty is dreaming up new slogans for his replaced brick. I suggested that BCB's readers might have a few suggestions for him and then we can put it to a vote. He agreed.

To give you an idea of a brick slogan Scotty might enjoy -- my favorite memory of Scott at a Cubs game is him booing Derek Jeter this past year on his farewell tour with taunts that are unprintable here. And of course his famous blurry finger.

scotty blur hand

One thing is certain, despite everything you learned from the nursery rhyme "Three Little Pigs," it's not always a good idea to build with bricks. To be continued....