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Cub Tracks Mulls Its Options, But Not That One

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In case you hadn't heard, the Cubs are looking for a new hitting coach. And it won't be Manny. That story plus the need for balance and adjustments, how the Cubs can become the Royals, and ancient coffins for animals you wouldn't expect coffins for in Thursday's Cub Tracks.


Just about everybody offered their input on the resignation of Bill Mueller as hitting coach, and with most of the stories revolving around his resignation and not much more than that, I figured I'd spare you the links of what has been covered pretty extensively already. But there were some other things that were talked about over the past couple of days, so here's the Thursday scoop:

From Comcast SportsNet:

From Cubs Den:



From CBS Chicago:

From the Chicago Tribune via RedEye Chicago:


  • Given the choice between a top hitting and top pitching prospect, which would you choose? And why is the Cubs farm system the envy of general managers?

From the Chicago Sun-Times (well, it involves Rick Telander at least):

  • I hesitate to put this out there as a story, but Rick Telander replied to a story from John Arguello at Cubs Den last week (by making his own comment there), and John still thinks Rick's wrong despite his thoughtful (and long) response. It's on Cubs Den and the entire thing is extremely verbose (fancy words for "bordering on TL;DR"), but it does give some thoughts on their views about the past four years.
  • Aside from that, still nothing new at the Sun-Times itself.

From the Daily Herald:

And still nothing new here either.

Today's food for thought: