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Wrigley Field Construction Update, October 9: The Walls Came Tumbling Down

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Two days before an official groundbreaking ceremony, there was real work done on Wrigley Field.

Early Thursday morning, the demolition of both the outer bleacher walls at Wrigley Field began. You can see what the former location of the walls looks like Thursday afternoon in the photos above, but thanks to my friend Ken Keefer, who has an apartment across from Wrigley Field, we've got video of the actual demolition in progress:

Here's the same view. It's hard to recognize him, but Ken says this is Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer and his family watching some of the work:

And, here's the end result:

Thanks again to Ken for sending along the videos. It's clear this project is going to progress fairly quickly. They do have nice weather to work in right now and it took less than a day for the bleacher walls to be completely knocked to the ground. The superstructure surrounding the bleachers on both sides is probably next to go, as these bleachers are supposedly going to be rebuilt from the ground up, with new superstructure that will hold the video board and other signs, as well as new seating.

The photos are pretty self-explanatory, I think; no captions needed today.

Site note: I've been having some issues uploading photos to these gallery-type posts. I'm posting 13 photos with the original article; if that works all right, I'm going to add more later. Otherwise I'll save more photos for additional posts.

And of course we'll have more here at BCB as the work continues.