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Wrigley Field Construction Update: October 9, Part 2

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Still more photos of the bleacher walls being demolished at Wrigley Field.

I promised more, and here's more!

Most of the photos in the first part of today's construction update were from left field, the Waveland wall, and so were the videos sent to me by Ken Keefer.

Ken was also at Wrigley Thursday afternoon when parts of the right-field wall on Sheffield came crashing to the ground:

That's pretty cool to watch, actually. It appears now that all the outer walls on both Waveland and Sheffield have been completely demolished -- all this in less than one working day. They'll have to move on to the superstructure and the seating areas next, and then the more delicate part -- the inner wall demolition, while still leaving the ivy carefully so it re-grows. Last year a section of left-field wall was rebuilt, and the ivy actually grew back much faster than I might have guessed. It would appear that, having done that successfully, they're now going to do the rest of the inner wall now, as long as they're doing this larger project.

Again, no photo captions, as these are pretty self-explanatory.

More to come, probably Saturday when the official groundbreaking ceremony occurs.