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Wrigley Field Construction Update: October 31

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October concluded with the demolition work almost, but not quite, finished.

As you well know if you live in Chicago or environs, Friday was a cold, nasty, windy, rainy, sleety, snowy Halloween. Nevertheless, the Wrigley Field construction and digging crews were hard at work continuing the project. BCB's David Sameshima went by to take photos and filed this report:

There was a lot of utility work going on out on the street around Sheffield and Addison. The right-field patio remains standing, but there was a lot of work going on there. There were jackhammer equipped vehicles working both up on top and underneath the patio. They were using boards to protect Gate Q, which is located under the patio. In the Red Lot, it appears that they had poured concrete in the trenches that were recently dug there. They look like recessed sidewalks.

David has plans to return to Wrigley sometime Saturday to take more photos, so we should have more to share with you here either late Saturday or sometime Sunday.