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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 9

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Almost all was quiet Sunday at Wrigley Field, but we still have some interesting photos.

Sunday was a day of little or no work on the Wrigley Field restoration project, but BCB's David Sameshima decided to pay a visit to the ballpark at Clark & Addison anyway. Here's what he found:

As on previous Sundays, there is no work taking place outside Wrigley. There is obviously work ongoing along the third base concourse which is not visible from the street. You can hear the loud sound of compressors running from behind the plastic sheeting.Out on the street, nothing has changed from Saturday. You will notice in one of the photos (number 13) a photographer working just inside of Gate Q. He could be working for one of the contractors.

I particularly liked the photo (number 3) of the resourceful way someone found to look over the tarp covering the lower half of the fence on Sheffield.

David's making another visit to Wrigley this morning so we'll have more photos here tomorrow.