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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 10

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Activity resumed at Wrigley Field Monday after a quiet weekend.

In addition to photos from BCB's David Sameshima today, I received an interesting photo from BCB reader John Casey, which you can see at the beginning of this gallery and also on the front page. It was taken from the 35th floor of the New York apartment building, which is located at the corner of Waveland Avenue and Lake Shore Drive, approximately half a mile east of Wrigley Field. Thought you'd enjoy this different view of the project, taken Sunday, November 9.

Here's David's report from Monday:

The jobsite was very busy, but nothing dramatic took place Monday. They are continuing to dig up the right-field bleacher area, and hauling away soil from the left-field bleacher area.For the first time I saw a lineup of dump trucks to take away soil. At one point there were four trucks waiting on Waveland. Sheffield is also getting congested. On Sheffield, the excavating equipment has to stop and move aside to allow other contractor vehicles to pass.When there were no trucks waiting on Waveland, I could see how deep they had dug. It was hard to capture with a photo, but I am guessing that they have gone down four to five feet in some spots.Addison Street was clogged up east of the CTA Red Line Station (at Wilton Street) due to ongoing utility work. When I arrived, Addison was temporarily shut down due to equipment digging in the street. Clark Street is still wide open. They have not reduced lanes or blocked off the sidewalk yet.

Photo 17 was interesting to me -- we've obviously seen this angle before, but check out the scoreboard clock, which shows 1:20 in that photo, the traditional afternoon game time.

We should have more photos here tomorrow.