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Cubs, WGN Executives Meet: Could Cubs Re-Up With WGN?

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There could still be hope for the long relationship between the Cubs and WGN-TV to continue.

Courtesy WGN-TV

The Cubs have been televised in Chicago on WGN-TV for 67 seasons -- every year since 1948, there have been at least some Cubs games on Channel 9 in Chicago, and since the early 1980s, nationally on WGN-TV, now known as WGN America.

It's still possible that relationship could continue, based on this tweet from Monday:

This meeting would seem to indicate that the Cubs and WGN are still exploring some way to keep the connection between the two parties that goes back to the dawn of commercial television itself. There is no other relationship between a team and a TV channel that goes back anywhere near that far, and no team that's identified as much with its TV channel as the Cubs are with WGN-TV.

We've discussed here at length the changes in the TV landscape that might make the 1980s model (carry 140-plus Cubs games a year nationally) untenable for WGN in 2015 and beyond. Even so, until the Cubs' deal with CSN Chicago expires after the 2019 season and they could conceivably sell their entire schedule as one package or start their own TV channel, there might be a way for WGN and the Cubs to come to an agreement that benefits both parties, at least for the next five years. Larry Wert is a real smart guy, one of the best TV executives in Chicago history; if he thinks there's a way to keep this relationship going, it very well could happen.

As always, we await further developments.