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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 11

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Clark Street will soon be reduced to one lane in each direction as the construction phase of the project begins.

Tuesday might have been a federal holiday (Veteran's Day) but there was no break in the work around Wrigley Field, even as the weather gets colder.

Here's Tuesday's report from BCB's David Sameshima.

Utility work slowed down traffic on Addison again. The work was taking place on Addison east of the CTA Red Line Station. Again, only one lane was available for both eastbound and westbound traffic. There was also a lot of traffic at the ballpark. There was a lineup of dump trucks on Clark Street. There was a steady stream of trucks on Tuesday. They assigned a street sweeper to trail the exiting dump trucks. Besides digging on both Sheffield and Waveland, there was utility work taking place on Sheffield. Scaffolding is now going up along the west side of the ballpark. The sidewalk on the east side of Clark Street will be closed soon. The concrete barricades will be moved out into Clark, reducing it into one lane of traffic in each direction. The curb lane on the east side and the parking lane on the west side will be temporarily eliminated. This hasn't happened yet but will soon.