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Wrigley Field Construction Update: Special Aerial Edition

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These photos are gorgeous.

You might have seen a tweet Tuesday containing one of Nick Ulivieri's beautiful aerial shots of the Wrigley Field construction project, taken Sunday, November 9.

Nick has graciously allowed me to post five of his photos taken that day. You can see great detail in these photographs, both of the construction project and other features of Wrigley Field.

You can see more of Nick's photos at his blog, which also contains other beautiful aerial views of Chicago, and also on his Facebook page.

While the special edition BCB aerial photos taken by BCBer Shanghai Badger were taken from a plane, Nick's were shot from a helicopter from a local company called RotorZen Helicopters. Nick tells me he's going to try to get up there again in the winter or early spring to chart the progress, and it's possible Shanghai Badger will be going up flying again soon, so we'll be able to have more aerial photos here.

Many thanks to Nick Ulivieri for his gracious permission to share these photos with us.