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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 12

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The calm before the construction storm, apparently.

The demolition crew continued cleanup at Wrigley Field on Wednesday; otherwise, things were pretty quiet, as BCB's David Sameshima reports:

There's not much to comment on from Wednesday. There was a crew making pavement markings at the Addison/Sheffield intersection, and along the Addison Street sidewalk. Utility work was taking place along Sheffield Avenue. A lineup of dump trucks continued to haul away soil on the Clark Street side.

They're obviously making preparations to lay the foundations for the new bleachers with all the digging and soil being hauled away. As has been noted by our engineer friend Tim in the comments to previous posts, they can get concrete laid even in very cold conditions -- and that's what they are going to have for at least the next week, according to this forecast which has the temperatures staying below freezing for almost that entire time.

Brrr. Spring can't come soon enough. We should have more photos tomorrow.