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2014 SB Nation Awards: Team Of The Year

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Cast your vote for BCB's nominee in this category.

David Banks

You made just two nominations in this category, and a case can be made for either one of them. Both were surprising World Series entries, and both captured the hearts of baseball fans everywhere.

I have a feeling I know where your vote's going to go with these two nominations.

After we submit our nominees, a SB Nation committee will hold a nationwide vote for the winner. The rest of the categories will follow in separate posts today and tomorrow. Register your vote! (Note: my choice of photo for this post does not necessarily reflect my vote in this category.)

Thanks to everyone who participated in the nomination process and voting for the 2014 SB Nation Awards. This was an attempt to do something different and fun with postseason awards and everyone at SB Nation hopes you liked doing this. The winners will be announced soon.