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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 14

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More scaffolds went up around the ballpark on a very cold Friday.

BCB's David Sameshima spent part of a chilly Friday afternoon at Wrigley Field and filed this report:

It was cold! Too cold for my hands. With the chain link fences, I switched to using a compact digital camera to photograph through any gaps. The controls are so small and I cannot make any adjustments while wearing gloves. My hands would start shaking, and I couldn't feel when my finger was pressing the shutter release.There was more utility work taking place on Sheffield. The hydrant on the east side of Sheffield is now active. The fences along the curb have been moved out, so the contractors can access it.There was work, or an inspection, taking place behind the left-field side of center field. In my photos, you will see workers sweeping on Waveland Avenue outside Gate K. Minutes later, I would find out why this was happening. The firehouse got a call, and the truck from Engine Company 78 came roaring out. I started to take photos of the engine, and in moments Waveland became enveloped in a cloud of dust. I stopped taking photos to protect my camera.I did manage to take some interesting interior concourse photos around the Gate K area. The tarps were gone, and work equipment weren't blocking my views today.During my visit, it was pretty quiet along Waveland and in the Red Lot.You will see that scaffolding is now going up, on the Sheffield Ave side, as visible in the photos.

David returned to Wrigley later Friday. Those nighttime photos, coming up at 2 p.m. CT.