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Where Will The Top MLB Free Agents Sign?

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This is just an exercise. Have some fun with it.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

In the past, has run a "Free Agent Frenzy" contest in which you pick where you think 20 top free agents will sign. I've also run similar contests here.

This isn't a contest, but I thought you might have fun with it. Here are the top 20 free agents as listed by MLB Trade Rumors (actually, I went down to No. 23 since their No. 6 pick Victor Martinez, No. 8 pick Russell Martin, and No. 19 pick Aramis Ramirez are already signed):

Max Scherzer
Jon Lester
James Shields
Hanley Ramirez
Pablo Sandoval
Melky Cabrera
Nelson Cruz
Yasmany Tomas
Ervin Santana
Kenta Maeda
David Robertson
Brandon McCarthy
Francisco Liriano
Chase Headley
Andrew Miller
Justin Masterson
Colby Rasmus
Jed Lowrie
Jason Hammel
Asdrubal Cabrera

That list is for you to conveniently copy/paste into the comments and make your picks. Here are mine; I don't necessarily have a lot of logic behind some of them, and you might not either for yours. For some of these guys, it's just a hunch.

Max Scherzer: Yankees
Jon Lester: Cubs
James Shields: Royals
Hanley Ramirez: Yankees
Pablo Sandoval: Giants
Melky Cabrera: Blue Jays
Nelson Cruz: Orioles
Yasmany Tomas: Mariners
Ervin Santana: Rangers
Kenta Maeda: won't be posted, stays in Japan
David Robertson: Tigers
Brandon McCarthy: Athletics
Francisco Liriano: Rangers
Chase Headley: Yankees
Andrew Miller: Tigers
Justin Masterson: Cubs
Colby Rasmus: Athletics
Jed Lowrie: Dodgers
Jason Hammel: Braves
Asdrubal Cabrera: Mets

Am I wrong? Probably, on some of these. Fun to guess, though. Now it's your turn.