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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 1

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We have some new and different views for you in this first update of November.

Some of you have asked what the construction project would look like from a rooftop. Today, we've got the answer for you, as BCB's David Sameshima reports:

Today I had the opportunity to visit a rooftop, so I took advantage of it. They are still doing prep work on the right-field patio. There are now extension posts on the fences along Sheffield and Waveland. A friend mentioned one possibility. Could they be for attaching barbed wire? They are continuing to dig in left field, and in the Red Lot. There is now quite a hill forming in the Red Lot.

I asked David how he got the rooftop invitation:

A friend got an invitation to take a look, and she was able to let me tag along with her. Sounds cool to get to go up there, but there is really just one view to photograph. For me, it's much more interesting to get up close.

I tend to agree with him -- he can get much more interesting angles and shots close-up. We should have more photos here Monday.