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Joe Maddon And The Cubs' Coaching Staff

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We haven't heard much about what will happen to the staff under Joe Maddon... until now.

David Banks/Getty Images

It's been widely assumed that there will be at least some changes to the Cubs' coaching staff with the hire of Joe Maddon as manager. However, there's been radio silence about this since Maddon was hired and said he wanted to meet with all the coaches.

Now, according to a source, Maddon has in fact met with all the Cubs coaches at least once and with new hitting coach John Mallee and pitching coach Chris Bosio twice. Both Mallee and Bosio, along with the other coaches still employed by the Cubs, would of course like to stay under Maddon, but no decisions have yet been made.

My source says that decisions on the coaching staff could be in limbo until the Rays decide who's going to replace Maddon as manager. If Dave Martinez, Maddon's bench coach, is hired as Rays manager, many of the coaches there would likely stay under Martinez. On the other hand, if Martinez is passed over, he could wind up becoming Maddon's bench coach here in Chicago while a new manager could choose other coaches, possibly freeing up some of Maddon's old coaches for jobs with the Cubs.

The situation still seems quite fluid. Stay tuned.