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The Pace Of Game Committee Is Procrastinating

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This is going to be a short article, but it's worth every word not written.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

You all know how I feel about the pace of baseball games. Not the length of games, per se, but the pace.

So I was happy when Major League Baseball decided to test out some ideas on speeding up the game's pace in the Arizona Fall League, including a pitch clock. By most accounts, these changes, though tough for some players to follow, were fairly well received and did, in fact, speed up games.

Which is why I literally laughed out loud when I saw this tweet:

If you ever wonder what the actual definition of irony is, you can see it in that tweet.

This "30 to 60 days" thing, which undoubtedly will stretch out into months or years, has Bud Selig written all over it. Fortunately, Bud will be gone in a little over two months.

Thought you'd like a laugh today.