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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 20

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They're still preparing to start actual construction. In the meantime, traffic is getting snarled near Wrigley Field.

BCB's David Sameshima made another visit to Wrigley Field on one of the coldest days so far this winter. They seem to be gearing up to start construction; that seems to be causing a few traffic problems in the area.

The intersection of Addison and Sheffield was a mess today. Besides there being only one lane open on Addison, there was only one lane open on Sheffield. When westbound Addison was being permitted through, cars on Sheffield could not turn right to proceed eastbound. Some cars would refuse to turn left, grid locking the intersection. I thought that one driver was going to drive up on the Addison St sidewalk, in front of the ballpark.During today's visit, the construction gate at Sheffield and Waveland was also busy. There were large trucks exiting and entering at the same time. As only one vehicle can access the gate, traffic would back up back up on both streets. Both streets are narrow, so there's no room to go around and pass.As I was standing on the northwest corner of the intersection, I swear that one driver was thinking about driving westbound on the Waveland Avenue sidewalk. She drove right up to the curb, angled to drive up onto the sidewalk.Taller nine-foot fences have been installed along Sheffield Ave. These replace the original six-foot fences that were later fitted with extension posts. The attached tarps are still only six feet high, so you can still hold a camera above the tarp. The fences along Waveland are still the six-foot fences, with four-foot extensions. The tarps there also only go up to six feet.During my visit, little taking place on Sheffield Ave. Equipment was still be assembled on the Waveland Ave side. Little taking place in the Red Lot as well. Also, Engine Company 78 is without their regular rig again. This time they have been assigned replacement engine shop #D559 (photo 12).It was a bright and sunny but still very cold day. The sun made it difficult to take many photos today. On the Waveland Avenue side, I had to photograph into the sun.

We should have more photos here tomorrow.