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Dave Martinez Out Of Rays Managerial Derby: Will Joe Maddon Want Him In Chicago?

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News broke late Friday that could have repercussions for the Cubs' coaching staff.

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From Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times, we have some news regarding the Rays managerial search that could affect Joe Maddon's coaching staff for the Cubs:

It's fascinating that the three finalists for the Rays job are two men with no managerial experience (and one with no coaching experience) and a guy who was let go after 1½ middling years as Mariners manager. But that's for them to decide.

It's now for Joe Maddon to decide whether he'd like to have Dave Martinez, who spent seven years as bench coach under Maddon for the Rays, to have the same position in Chicago. It would seem to make sense -- Martinez might just be one of those guys whose ceiling is "bench coach" instead of "manager." I can't imagine Martinez wanting to stay with the Rays for a new manager after having been passed over, and likely whoever is chosen in Tampa Bay would be given the opportunity to make his own bench-coach pick.

Maddon and Martinez made a good team in Tampa Bay; between the two of them they led the Rays to four playoff appearances in six years from 2008-13 and one World Series appearance. Martinez is well-regarded, at least as a bench coach, and I doubt having Brandon Hyde in that position would be any impediment. Hyde was a front-office employee as director of player development before being moved into the field position last year. Though that spot is currently filled by Jaron Madison, I'm sure Theo & Jed could find a position for Hyde.

One last thing. Any thought that the long-ago alleged dispute between Martinez and Ryne Sandberg should have any impact on Martinez coming to the Cubs as a coach is utter nonsense. That dispute was reportedly settled decades ago, Sandberg isn't in the Cubs organization and Martinez has outstanding coaching credentials.

The dominoes in the Cubs' coaching ranks could start falling soon.