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Henry Blanco Joins Cubs As Quality Assurance Coach

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The former Cubs catcher is returning.

Henry Blanco with the Cubs in 2008
Henry Blanco with the Cubs in 2008
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

During Henry Blanco's four-year stint as Cubs backup catcher from 2005-08, I often thought he'd make a good coach for the team when he's done playing.

And now, it's happening!

Of course, Blanco's ability to speak Spanish will be of great help to Joe Maddon and the rest of the staff.

I'm not exactly sure what a "quality assurance coach" does, but whatever it is, I'm certain that Blanco's presence will help both Spanish-speaking players on the Cubs as well as Cubs catchers -- that might be another reason they brought him in, to help out Welington Castillo.

Hank White returns! Good hire, Theo & Jed.