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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 23

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There's nothing like checking out the project in person to see its scale.

Like the rest of you, I experience the Wrigley Field construction project this winter through David Sameshima's photos. I've had time to go and see it for myself only a few times, and since David couldn't make it over to Wrigley on Sunday, I decided to head on over there myself.

I managed to find a time Sunday morning in between rainshowers to make a walkaround of the ballpark. It was very quiet. There wasn't any work being done, either visible or audible (sometimes you can hear them working inside, in places you can't see from the street, but there was none of that on Sunday).

One of the things that you can't really understand about this project without seeing it in person is the scale of some of the equipment and material being used. The equipment that's lined up on Sheffield is taller than the buildings across the street, nearly as high as some of the rooftop seats, maybe six stories tall. You've seen me write about the long beams that are in photo 19; those are probably 60 feet long. You'll note some more of the giant "marshmallows" ready for installation in photo 18.

They're still doing quite a bit of digging along Sheffield, apparently working on the water main there (photo 3). You can also see how deep they're digging on Waveland for the bleacher foundation (photo 12) and in the triangle lot (photo 13).

It's fascinating to watch even when nothing is going on. We'll have more photos to come this week.