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Cubs Selling Pieces Of Wrigley Field Online

As expected, you can buy parts of the now-demolished bleachers directly from the Cubs, as well as other things in the new Wrigley Field Collection.

Workers remove a bleacher bench from Wrigley the day after the last 2014 home game
Workers remove a bleacher bench from Wrigley the day after the last 2014 home game
David Sameshima

Many of you wondered whether you could obtain pieces of the Wrigley Field bleachers after their demolition over the last couple of months.

Monday, the Cubs announced that they are indeed going to sell various things online, via the Wrigley Field Collection at Here's the scoop:

Wrigley Field Collection items are available for purchase or bidding at, beginning today with a limited number of Wrigley Field flags plus bleacher benches and aisle placards recently removed from the ballpark. Additional items, such as ‘W’ flags flown over the ballpark after home wins and swatch items with authenticated infield dirt, will be available during the 2015 season and throughout the course of the restoration process.

"The Wrigley Field Collection is the best way for fans to secure an authenticated piece of Wrigley Field history," said Cubs Senior Director of Marketing Alison Miller. "Whether it’s a flag flown at the ballpark during the season or a Budweiser Bleacher seat removed as part of the restoration, Cubs Authentics and the Wrigley Field Collection offer both the team and our fans a chance to preserve the history attached to these great items."

In addition to memorabilia, the Cubs and Cubs Authentics are going to continue to preserve historic elements of the ballpark and game-used gear for the team’s archives. Some items, such as bricks from Wrigley Field’s original bleacher construction, will be re-used in the restored Wrigley Field as much as is possible. Others, such as unique signage or equipment used during noteworthy games, are stored securely in the Cubs Archives.

Here are a few samples of items for sale, specifically aisle signs from the bleachers.

Here's an Aisle 313 sign and here's a piece of bleacher bench removed before demolition.

Anyway, there's a way for you to get a piece of Wrigley Field. In addition to these items related to the construction project, the Wrigley Field Collection will feature authenticated items in limited quantities throughout the season, including bleacher seats, flags, scoreboard tiles, signage and celebrity guest memorabilia.

I'm sure it's not coincidental that this comes out just in time for the holiday season.