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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 24

For the third consecutive day, very little was going on at Wrigley Field.

You'll forgive the quality of some of these photos, I hope. David Sameshima was unable to go to the ballpark on Monday, so I headed over there. It was snowing and very windy and all I was able to bring was my phone, which generally takes pretty good photos but it's not easy to do it when cold wind and snow is slicing into your face.

That said, Monday was one more day when no visible work was being done at the ballpark. Granted, the weather was pretty bad, but if they're going to get this project done on time, they're going to have to work in much worse conditions than what we saw in Chicago Monday (light snow, less than an inch accumulation, temperatures around 33 degrees). The lone worker walking in photo 2 was one of only three workmen I saw on the project at all.

One thing I was able to do Monday, thanks to running into someone I know near the ballpark, was to get into his apartment across Waveland and take some photos from a higher angle (photos 8-11). It's a little difficult to see (I was shooting through a window screen) but in photo 9, if you look at the part of the wall visible closest to the construction equipment, you'll see there's a missing brick. Not a big deal, but something else they'll have to replace (on the wall that's eventually going to have to be completely replaced).

They've also (photo 13) taken the original doors and windows off the groundskeeper's cottage and boarded it up, presumably in advance of some work to be done on it.

Hopefully, our next set of photos here will show actual work being done.