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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 25

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Work resumed on a bright, sunny, but cold Tuesday at the ballpark.

BCB's David Sameshima returned to Wrigley Field to take photos Tuesday afternoon and filed this report:

There was almost no activity on Sheffield during my visit. Sheffield Avenue was intermittently being blocked off as a utility crew was unloading plates from a tractor trailer.There was activity on Waveland Avenue, but I couldn't describe to you what they were doing. All I can say is: look at the photos. Between the bright overhead sun and the deep dark shadows, I couldn't see much. I just head the camera over my head, pointed it in a general direction and shot. I then looked at the image, made exposure corrections and repeated. I just lost the feeling in my hands and fingers. I couldn't use gloves, due to the constant exposure adjustments. I just wanted to capture some clean images, and get out of there.There are now small holiday trees attached to the base of the light poles along Clark St and Addison St. As you can see in photo 10, they are now doing utility work in front of McDonald's. This could be the reason why Clark Street hasn't been narrowed yet. They can't, since they now don't have the curb lane on the west side of Clark to use. In addition, why add the tree decorations on the east side of Clark if you will be moving the barricades out into the street? The construction photo series will return on Friday. Happy Thanksgiving!