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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 2

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Up to now, the crews had not worked on Sunday. This Sunday, though, work was going on in and around Wrigley Field.

As of Monday morning, it is 154 days until Opening Day -- that's just 22 weeks from today. You can see why the Cubs and the Wrigley Field construction crew want to accelerate work. That's likely why they were working Sunday.

Here's David Sameshima's report:

It was mostly quiet around the ballpark. I did hear a lot of activity going on inside along the third base concourse. They have started to hang plastic sheets along the west side of the ballpark.They have added "DANGER-CONSTRUCTION AREA" signs to supplement the existing "DANGER-NO TRESPASSING" signs. Looking at my photos from Saturday, I see that the new signs were already in those photos.I also just noticed another change which I had missed. The VIP Gate on Sheffield is now gone. Equipment had been parked in front of that area blocking my view so I had stopped looking. I looked at my Saturday photos, and it was already gone. The last photo I took of the gate was on October 28.

Though it is Joe Maddon Day, I wanted to post these photos to keep you up-to-date about what's going on regarding the construction project. David expects to go back to Wrigley today so we should have more photos tomorrow.