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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 2 Special Edition

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Here are some views of the ballpark construction project that you likely haven't seen before.

I've got a real treat for you this afternoon, thanks to BCB's Shanghai Badger.

As some of you probably know, SB is a licensed private pilot. Sunday, he went up over Wrigley and took the photos in this gallery and filed this report:

Once again, these shots are taken with an iPhone, by me as I was by myself.I'm hoping that at some point over the next few weeks that I'll get back and have a passenger with a high-quality camera. Although I must say, not too bad for what I had to work with.To my own chagrin, the wing strut appears in every single shot. But again, I was by myself and it was a bit breezy. So, I cropped them as best as I could to eliminate the "noise" and still show the entire block.I did leave one uncropped on purpose to show the U.S. flag on a rooftop.At any rate, I hope you enjoy this unique look at Clark & Addison from Sunday afternoon. Being able to occasionally do things like this is a big part of what makes flying fun for me.

I really appreciated SB sending all these photos to me so I could share them with you, views of the project you won't find anywhere else.