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Cub Tracks Wakes From The Food Coma

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One road trip and two dinners later, it's back to... waiting on free agents. Plus the return of a speedster, a look at the international free agents, more turkey talk, and the other Black Friday in Sunday's Cub Tracks.

Tony Campana, bird whisperer
Tony Campana, bird whisperer
David Banks/Getty Images

It's two days later, and I'm still eating leftovers. I think there's about one day left of them and then they'll finally be gone. That includes the food that we made to augment the leftovers (sweet potatoes and pecan pie) as both were missing from the original meal.  Now it's only 25 days until... the holiday ham.  I should go get back on the treadmill...

From Comcast SportsNet:


  • The writers for each of the teams in the National League Central give an update on the offseason so far. This just in: The Cubs still are looking to fill the same holes that they were looking to fill before.

From the Chicago Tribune via RedEye Chicago:

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