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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 29

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Saturday was another quiet day at the ballpark.

Saturday was the warmest day in Chicago in more than two weeks. Sunshine filled the skies. It would have been a perfect day to get some work done on the Wrigley Field project, but as BCB's David Sameshima reports:

I didn't see any noticeable changes compared to my visit Friday. It was all quiet at the job site. I didn't even hear any work taking place inside the concourse.

We've all heard about the delays in the project and the reasons it's delayed. They do seem to have started some work on the left-field side of the bleachers, but the right-field side has to wait for utility work to be finished.

The 10-day outlook calls for seasonal conditions (upper 30s for high temperatures) and decent weather to work outdoors, if a bit chilly. This coming week ought to be the week that the project launches into high gear if they want to get things done on time. Remember, at this point the announcement made last week is just for "contingency plans," which the Cubs obviously don't want to have to use.