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Wrigley Field Construction Retro: Late November - Early December 2005

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You can do a side-by-side comparison between the current project and the one nine years ago.

As I've been doing occasionally this offseason, I'm posting here 14 photos from the construction project at Wrigley Field in 2005, the one that built the bleachers that have now been knocked down and are being replaced by something larger (along with a couple of video boards and other signage).

As you can see, considerably more progress had been made by this time of year in 2005 than has been made as of today, the end of November. One thing that helped construction in 2005 was a much milder fall than we have had this year; November 2014 is going to go down as about the seventh-coldest November in Chicago history. There have also been quite a number of windy days this year which have shut down construction.

Also, there was no city utility work being done in 2005 as there is now, since the Cubs were only building on what was their own property (and some air rights over the sidewalk). Obviously, the scale of the current project is much larger than for the bleacher construction nine years ago.

The first seven photos in this gallery were taken November 27, 2005 and the last seven December 5, 2005. The last photo in the sequence is of work being done on another part of the ballpark, not related to the bleacher project.