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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 3

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While Joe Maddon was holding court at the Cubby Bear, work continued across the street at Wrigley Field.

So far, so good on weather conditions for the Wrigley Field construction project this fall. It's rained only a couple of times hard enough to make a difference, and most days have been at least pleasant. That's supposed to change later this week as it gets colder, but the crews ought to be able to work just fine until it snows or the temperature gets well below freezing.

Here is BCB's David Sameshima's report from the work done Monday:

Due to all the utility work going on around the ballpark, there is now a private street sweeper patrolling the area. Also due to the utility work, Addison Street was reduced to one lane in each direction. The slow-moving equipment on the street caused some traffic backups. Brandenburg, the demolition company, was loading up some of their smaller bobcats and tractors. Work continued on dismantling the right-field patio. Taller fences started appearing on Sheffield and Waveland Avenues. More equipment and supplies are now in the Red Lot.

We should have more photos here tomorrow.