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2015 Projected Cubs Arbitration Salaries

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Via MLB Trade Rumors, we have some numbers that you can discuss.

Jared Wickerham

Our friends at MLB Trade Rumors have posted their projected 2015 arbitration salaries for every arb-eligible player, based on their own arbitration projection model.

It is, at the very least, a useful starting point for discussing this topic as the offseason gets into high gear. Here's what they project for the Cubs:

John Baker (5.141) – $1.1MM
Wesley Wright (5.105) – $2.0MM
Chris Coghlan (4.148) – $1.4MM
Luis Valbuena (4.148) – $3.1MM
Justin Ruggiano (4.019) – $2.5MM
Travis Wood (4.004) – $5.5MM
Pedro Strop (3.156) – $2.4MM
Jake Arrieta (3.145) – $4.1MM
Felix Doubront (3.120) – $1.3MM
Welington Castillo (3.009) – $2.1MM

The number in parentheses is the length of major-league service time, in years and days. Here's what each of those players made in 2014:

John Baker: $875,000
Wesley Wright: $1,425,000
Chris Coghlan: $1,050,000 *
Luis Valbuena: $1,710,000
Justin Ruggiano: $2,000,000
Travis Wood: $3,900,000
Pedro Strop: $1,325,000
Jake Arrieta: $544,500
Felix Doubront: $586,000
Welington Castillo: $530,000
* Chris Coghlan's 2014 contract was for $800,000 plus an additional $250,000 in incentives based on plate appearances. I don't know if he met those incentives or not, so I'm assuming he did for the purpose of this discussion.

As you can see, the largest of the possible arb awards would go to Arrieta, Wood, Valbuena, Strop and Castillo, some based on performance, others on length of service.

I suppose it's possible they could non-tender Wood, though $5 million wouldn't be bad if he could recover his 2013 level, or even get close to that. Also, at $4 million Arrieta is a bargain; I might even consider negotiating a longer-term deal with him.

Thought you'd all like this as a discussion topic today, so have at it.