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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 4

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They've taken down the right-field patio.

Demolition at Wrigley Field continued Tuesday with the tearing-down of the right-field patio. (Yes, I know. I said I thought it was staying. Obviously, it's not.)

The right-field patio started to come down today. There was a small portion still standing when I left. Not much going on in left field while I was there. More supplies and equipment were in the Red Lot now. It appears that the Groundskeeper's Cottage has been lifted onto large support beams in preparation for its upcoming move.Without realizing it, I happened to take a sequence of photos where one of the demolition machines is showing its "face" to the camera. It looks like an alien machine out of a sci-fi movie. Those are photos 18-22.

Here's a tease for later: David was able to get up on a rooftop again Tuesday afternoon. Since there are so many photos in this post, I thought I'd put the rooftop pics -- which are really good -- in a separate article. That one will post at 1 p.m. CT.