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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 5

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Demolition of the bleachers is nearly complete.

We should be seeing the beginning of the next phase of this offseason's construction project at Wrigley Field soon, as the demolition contractor is in the cleanup phase of its work. BCB's David Sameshima was at the ballpark Wednesday and filed this report:

I got there in the late afternoon and had to work fast. I was losing the light quickly with the recent time change. The last of the right-field was gone, so the right field bleachers are completely down now.Brandendburg was continuing to remove their demolition equipment, since that phase of the operation is ending. It was nice to see the employees washing away the dust. Despite the appearance in the photo, it was not a high-powered spray being used. The wind was just kicking up the water spray for a rather dramatic look. It was a rather gentle spray, so as to not damage the wall.The groundskeeper's cottage is definitely being prepared to be moved. It has clearly been lifted onto beams to expedite its move.The utility work being done on Addison was tying up traffic, as only one lane was available for both eastbound and westbound traffic. I was surprised as only the one lane was still available as rush hour started. They were still scrambling to reopen more of Addison when I left.

We'll have more photos here tomorrow.