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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 6

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Preparations for the move of the groundskeeper's cottage and cleanup were Thursday's action from the construction/demolition crews at Wrigley Field.

Thursday was a busy day at Wrigley Field as cleanup from the bleacher demolition continued. BCB's David Sameshima filed this report:

The demolition contractor, Brandenburg, appears to be wrapping things up. They were removing more of their heavy equipment today. Work crews were cleaning up the last of the debris in right field. Another contractor continued digging along the left field side. The groundskeeper's cottage continued to be prepped for its upcoming move. All kinds of activity continues in the Red Lot. Traffic on Addison continues to be congested near the ballpark due to utility work. AT&T was working in the middle of the Addison/Sheffield intersection. At one point, AT&T had to move their vehicles for one of the larger trailer trucks leaving the job site to make the turn on to Addison. There is also not a lot of room in general on the job site. The guard shack at the south end of Sheffield had to be moved by forklift so some of the large trucks could get through. Work crews were testing the new fire hydrants on the east side of Sheffield that will be replacing the ones that used to be on the west side of the street. I believe it was AT&T working underneath the Sheffield Avenue sidewalk; they had tents erected over the manhole covers. In some cases, the old school way is best. I saw some workers using shovels to sweep away debris along the wall.

The groundskeeper's cottage move is scheduled for Friday morning. We will have photos, and hopefully video as well, probably posted here Saturday morning.