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2014 Minor League Free Agents: Should The Cubs Take A Flyer?

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Minor-league free agents are plentiful. The Cubs usually invite a few to spring training. Anyone on the list interest you?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball America Friday released a list of all minor-league free agents for this winter. Here's the complete list for you to peruse. I'm not so much interested in the guys the Cubs are letting go -- since there's likely reasons for all of them -- but in those who the Cubs might take a chance on for 2015.

There are a few that intrigue me, mostly pitchers. Tommy Hanson, on the White Sox list (and the photo above shows him throwing for the Rangers last spring training), is someone who had some big-league success before injury issues. He didn't pitch in the big leagues in 2013 but is still just 28. Donnie Veal, who was a Cubs draft pick and who threw effectively for the White Sox for a while, is available.

Two pitchers on the Pirates' list might be worth a NRI: John Axford, who has closing and setup experience, and Jeanmar Gomez, who has both started and relieved at the major-league level.

Since the Cubs are likely going to be auditioning catchers next spring, Lou Marson, who has extensive major-league backup experience and is also just 28, is available.

You will see a large number of familiar names in the list. In addition to the Cubs' own list, I counted at least 12 other players on other teams' lists who played in the major leagues for the Cubs, as well as some who were Cubs minor leaguers or at a Cubs spring-training camp.

There's a few to get you started. Have a look at the list and weigh in with your choices in the comments.